katarik (katarik) wrote in redwinguniverse,

Here we go...

All right, here goes. One fic per day will be posted, until I run out.

There are several fics that are simply waiting for one of Cosmicastaway's fics to be posted for public consumption to be posted themselves. Some of the fics which will be posted have been posted previously at the teentitan_slash community. Others have not been posted there and are brand-new.

Before posting any fics, a brief biography of the characters will be posted so that everyone can know backstory and stuff.
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Nice to see a community devoted this this, I've missed Redwing and his shenanigans :D
*looks at hard drive* Ahahahaha. Don't worry, Cham, your fellow psychopath has been very busy.

I'm pleased that you like him. *smiles*
I truly fear for the fate of the universe if the Rendverse and the Redwingverse ever colide 0_0
... Oh, heavens. Yikes.

Rend would... and you would... and *Dick* would... NEVER HAPPENING EVER. JUST VERY NO.
I am in and you are bloody genius!
I learned my genius from you, my dear. *kisses your cheek*
I'm only a good observer of what the muses demand. Not a whole lot there, Love, that you don't already expound yourself.

I like this idea and had not fathomed it. Hurray for new communities!