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Repost of fic that had previously been posted on teentitan_slash.

Title: In Brightest Day

“Slade Wilson. You have been chosen.”

“What the *hell*?”

He’s fast. Not quite fast enough to avoid being sucked into the green beam of light that hit him, but fast enough to hit the emergency communicator at his belt before he’s yanked away by the light.

“I am Akayin’ur, Green Lantern of your space sector. Sector 2814. I am dying. The brightest day becomes the blackest night. To serve is a great honor. Bestowed upon you by the ring. The ring is fueled by your willpower. The greatest power in the universe. A universe where evil is confronted by the Green Lantern corps. By order of the Guardians. The ring will make your thoughts and wishes a reality. The Green Lantern’s light must be recharged with the power battery."

Guardians. He’s heard of them. They pick up strong-willed people to guard sectors of space.

They’ve stayed away from Earth recently. Only now they’re contacting him.

Slade stares at the destroyed ship before him, thinking rapidly.

“But there is a flaw in the battery. An impurity located within your visual spectrum. The power is ineffectual against yellow. You have been chosen for one reason. Among many others. You are a man that will overcome great fear.”

Then there’s suddenly a… thing. Being. It’s wearing a *lot* of green, and staring at him fiercely. "Do you accept the duty?"

Leave Earth? Leave the League, where he’s needed?

Leave the *kid*?

…Not a fucking *chance*.


And then he’s back, right where he was before. There’s a flicker of something in his head: the power he could have had, the things he could have done, the fact that even now he could have a second chance and accept…

Slade thinks of blue eyes and blood in the night. “I said no.”

The flicker fades, and he is left alone.
Tags: green lantern, slade
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